Wednesday, 31 October 2012

stress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 days more till stpm....arghhh stress sy nie...mna maw study lgi adei...sdh la ujian bru2 nie result sy x parents sy taw confirm kena mrh nie...mst ibu sy ckp 'tu la on9 trus 24jam,law x on9 dduk dpn tv trus dri pgi smpai mlm..tgok spupu2 kmu yg len suma dpt result yg bgus2 n blablabla.' kdg2 smpai sy melenting kalo d ckp bgtu.....slalu sdh bgtu tpi btul la jgk apa ibu sy ckp tu...tpi jgn la bnding2kn sy dgn kazen2 sy bha...dorg mmg nie slow skit...aish dkt2 ary exam nie sy makin mlas maw bljr...tpi terpaksa jgk bljr law x apa sy maw jwb tyme exam nnt....cikgu ckp tyme exam nie mcm kita dlm alam barzakh...xda sapa bole bntu..kita sndri jak yg bole bntu dri kita...xda kwn2 n xda ibubapa...huh......seram nih hahaha...btw maw minta restu nie dri ibu n ayah sy....bye2 maw tgok ghost adventure dlu haha...(tgok tu masi lgi ada mood tgok tv haha)

Monday, 29 October 2012

tips : score band 6 in MUET on first try...

hari nie sy mau share la dgn kwn2 yg mengambil STPM...subjek MUET la yg paling merisaukan...ssh kan mau dpt band 6....ujian pertama MUET sy dpt band 3 jak....nsib la sy jmpa stu blog nie dya bgi tips mcm mna mau dpt band 6...mau bca ka???kalo mau sy bgi,kalo x sy bca sndri2 jak la ..hahaha....hee bgus kita share2 kan utk kejyaan bersama haha...ndak best berjaya mau kwn2 berjaya jgk bha...(ceh)
pnjg melebar la pulak sy merepek nie...nah bca la tips nie...
scoring band 6 on your first try is not that hard. Here are some tips on how to do exactly that.

Listening test
This is one of the tests in MUET which you could possibly get a perfect score. You should get a perfect score here, it is important for you to get a Band 6 because you will lose points in other tests.

Listening does not really indicate your level of English, especially if the speaker is English! So if you do lose points here, don't worry. Just try not to lose too many points here, practise many times with your MUETteachers before the actual test, try to listen to as many tapes as you can get your hands on. During the test, please look to your friends for help if you could not catch the questions or remember the correct answers. I am not encouraging you to be dishonest, but you could always pay attention to your friends gestures, read their lips, spot the blink of an eye, the touch of an ear, etc. Having a system before the actual tests does help.

Speaking test
If you can speak English naturally, please do all you can to convince the examiners that you have a good command of English during you individual presentation. Otherwise, use short sentences, put forward your main ideas in simple grammatically correct sentences. Do not just harp on a single point, try a few points, the positive side and negative side of an issue, etc. to show that you are not a narrow-minded student.

In the group discussion, you would be able to get a good score if you could lead the discussion. Be warned though, do not overdo it. Give others the opportunities to speak too. You should be polite, try to keep the flow of the discussion and help out should any of the fellow students got stuck in mid-sentence or is stammering. Remember, lead the discussion, keep its flow ("What do you think about this issue?") but do not be extravagant! Like it or not, this test is subjective and you will most probably not get a perfect score here.

Reading test
There are not many tips to share in this test, it is similar to Form 5 SPM English exam, just do your best. There are some tricky questions with similar answers. If you are lucky, you could get a perfect score here but usually the better students would be able to get near perfect scores, making a few mistakes here and there.

Writing test
Seriously, I have always told people that the writing test in MUET is even easier than SPM GCE 'O' Level. In this test, it is important to keep to the rules, follow the recommend length of essays and finish them in allocated time.

Even if you are a good English user, do not attempt to write beyond the recommended length. Concentrate instead on presenting your main ideas, this test papers are marked by Malaysian teachers, so don't bother having too many idioms, figurative meanings, etc.

For students who are not too comfortable with English, this may be one of the tests which you would tend to lose many points. To avoid that, keep your sentences short, check your grammars, try to compensate for your lack of flowery language with good ideas, mature arguments and logical explanations.

To be honest, it is not so easy to score a Band 6 in MUET after all. It is not the perfect test, but it is indicative of one's command of English, mainly because it includes listening and speaking tests. Good luck scoring a Band 6 in MUET on your first try....

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

sbar je la....

esok raya eh???x perasan la pulak..hehe...mcm xda mood raya jak sy nie....hehe sy da ubah skit design blog sy nie....tpi mcm xda yg berubah pun kan....ary nie ibu sy bz tlong nenek sy buat sy duduk umah jak...jgn ingt sy pemalas sbb x tlong ada keja lain taw...keja apa???haih keja yg pling sng kat dunia kena jga adik2 spupu sy....adoiii tension sy haha....adik2 spupu sy nie suka melukis...abis dinding blik sy dorg lukis dgn lukisan yg x seberapa  nak cntik tu....mcm bilik berhantu sdh blik sy...bilik sy nie mcm tongkang pecah sdh....tpi pa bole buat la...bdk2 la katakan kita mrh pun xda effect jgk dkt dorg....jdi sbr jak la....mcm mna la ibu2 di dunia nie bole sbr lyan kerenah anak2 dorg ya????huhu tu jak la tuk ary nie...bye2 eh sblum tu selamat hari raya korban tuk suma umat islam.....;)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

menghitung hari...

menghitung hari detik demi detik.......lalalala mood menynyi lgi haha....beberapa hari lgi sy stpm...ow tidak belum ckup lgi ilmu yg sy belajar....bru brpa bln bljar da nak exam..lau exam biasa jak x pa la nie exam stpm sebenar tu...huh mcm mau jtuh jntung sy lau teringat trikh 5 november 2012...tggal brapa hari lgi tu...cikgu ckp semester 1 nie penting..kena dpt point yg bgus..kalo x susah nnt nak cover semester 2 n 3...adui sy risau nie taw...subjek yg sy pling risaukan ialah subjek x bole nak ingt suma yg d bljr sebab sy x fokus dlm kelas...subjek lain sy bole fokus tpi subjek nie x bole lngsung...huh sapa bole ajar sy mcm mna maw skor paper nie..tlong la subjek nie pnting sgt....msuk form 6 nie mmg bgi pressure kat kita kan???sapa yg x msuk form 6 takkan tau hal nie....

Monday, 8 October 2012


tadi sy dri kelas tmbhn...apa ingt cuti2 pmr nie sy x pi kelas ka???x bole da mls2 x lma stpm nie...cita psal kelas x da yg menarik sgt la...x rmai pun yg dtg...tgh cuti2 malaysia kali dorg tu...kelas tdi start dlm pukul 2 ptg n abis pkul 4...pas kelas sy n kwn2 pi la mkn2....lapar ow bljr..hahaha lpr sja la keja kmi nie...kmi mkn nasi goreng lalap..sedap ow....lma nya sy x mkn nasi goreng lalap nie...akhirnya setelah sekian lma dpt jgk merasa kembali kelazatan nasi goreng lalap...tpi x setanding dgn nasi lalap dkt twau la...tawau punya nasi lalap tetap paling manang di sabah..haha..esok ada kelas tmbhn lgi....skrg sy maw rjinkan dri sdh utk hadir kelas tmbhn....doakan sy supaya sng terima apa yg cikgu ajar ya...that's all...bye2...

Sunday, 7 October 2012


lma sy tak update blog nie...berkulat sdh tak tau la mau tulis apa...hehe sy mau tulis psal idol2 sy la...hehe mau tau ka sapa sy pnya idol...tgok gmbr2 d bwah nie ya...
daehyun (b.a.p)

mata tu...

u are my poison


chunji (teen top)


cute kan dorg nie..haha mmg idol la hehe...sapa kata tak cute mmg ada masalah penglihatan la haha...jan mrh...:P